Kanga Payment Gateway transaction report

The Reports page provides information about the 50 most recent Kanga Payment Gateway transactions associated with your your store. To view it, log in to your account and go to Payment gateway Reports.

    For each transaction, the following information is shown:
  • The date/time the transaction was created (i.e. when the payment address was generated),
  • Transaction ID (if available),
  • Item name (if available),
  • The buyer’s e-mail address,
  • Payment amount (in the settlement currency),
  • Transaction status (open, canceled, successful),
  • Completion percentage (percentage of the payment amount received so far).

Click in the search bar (next to the magnifying glass icon) and start typing to quickly filter the list.

Click the Download more button to download a summary of the last 200 transactions in a .csv (comma-separated value) file.