Underpayment / Overpayment

If the transaction currency (the currency the payment is made in) is different from the settlement currency (the currency the payee receives), the required assets are automatically purchased on Kanga Exchange at the current market price. Since cryptocurrency prices are volatile, it is possible for the exchange rate to change by the time the payment is received. As a result, the amount paid may be more or less than needed to settle the charge.

    If the funds received were insufficient to cover the full payment amount, the transaction management page will show:
    • paid balance (in the settlement currency)
    • outstanding balance (in the transaction currency)

    To finalize the transaction, send the indicated amount to the payment address.


    If the funds received exceeded the payment amount, any remaining balance will be refunded to your Kanga Exchange account.

    If you do not have a Kanga Exchange account, one will be created for you automatically using the e-mail address you entered at the beginning of the payment process. Visit the transaction management page to activate the account and set a password. You will then be able to manage your funds.