Kanga Exchange Lists NAi Technologies Token (NAi)

Kanga Exchange announces the listing of the NAi Technologies token (NAi). The token now trades against ETH.


About the project:

NAi is a prediction market platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for the financial markets around the world, covering stocks, commodities, ForEx, derivatives, and crypto assets.

NAi is created to cater to over a billion investors globally who are forced to rely on the minority of financial institutions for information and guidance regarding their investments. With NAi, they will have a platform that can predict with near perfect accuracy, the direction of any financial asset. Using AI, blockchain technology, and the collected data of 150 years on financial markets, globally, the platform will achieve what earlier seemed impossible. NAi will solve the decades-old problem facing almost all investors around the world by predicting through artificial intelligence the chances of their investment succeeding.

Through NAi, in addition to AI based predictions, any investor from anywhere in the world can invest wherever they want, in whatever class of asset.

(Description based on information provided by the issuer. Kanga Exchange is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.)

More information at: https://naitech.io/

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