Kanga Exchange IEO Launched

Kanga Exchange public token sale is now live.

IEO opens: 11 November 2019, 12:00 AM (UTC)
IEO ends: TBD


About Kanga:

Kanga is a rapidly growing ecosystem of fintech tools and services designed to encourage and facilitate widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Centered around and building on a cryptocurrency exchange launched in September 2018, the Kanga platform quickly expanded beyond digital asset trading to offer a variety of dedicated solutions for Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering market participants: creators, investors, brokers, traders, etc. The result is a comprehensive ICO/STO support framework, with a range of services extending from Smart Contract verification, token issuance, and IEO hosting, through billing and payment processing, to on-the-fly currency conversion, fast off-chain transfers, and more.

In order to meet a greater variety of customer needs, both current and future, Kanga continues to diversify. We are currently exploring strategic opportunities situated at the intersection of the crypto space and fiat economy—focusing in particular on services such as over-the-counter fiat/crypto exchange and cryptocurrency-backed personal loans.

Essential to Kanga’s business model is the KNG utility token. Every service charge generated through any of the Kanga platform modules will directly translate into KNG market activity, thus boosting trade volume, market liquidity, and token value. Importantly, the token will be immediately usable upon the launch of the Kanga IEO on November 11, 2019.

More information at: https://invest.kanga.exchange/

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