Terms of Service

The Kanga Exchange online platform (hereinafter referred to as “the platform”) is operated by Good Investments LTD, registered in accordance with the International Business Companies Act of the the Republic of Seychelles, Company Number: 192185 (hereinafter referred to as “the Operator”). The present document governs the terms of use of Kanga Exchange by third parties (hereinafter referred to as “the users”)

  1. The platform offers networking services for all the parties interested in purchasing and selling of the shares in cryptographic distributed accounting systems ( hereinafter referred to as cryptocurrencies)
  2. The aforementioned services are provided by allowing all users to store and offer the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies at the exchange rate specified by the user as well as the performance of the sale contracts at the convergent exchange rate.
  3. The user enters into a contract for the provision of services specified herein with the Operator upon registration of their account on the platform.
  4. Each user enters into a sale contract with another user upon making a sale offer befitting the parameters of the offer made by another user beforehand.
  5. Each user can only create one account on the website.
  6. The user hereby assumes an obligation to provide real and current personal data of the natural person responsible for using the account. Upon each change of the said information the user shall immediately and without any unreasonable delay make all the adequate updates thereof on the platform.
  7. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage caused if the user does not receive the relevant correspondence ( both traditional and electronic) due to their failure to perform the aforementioned obligation.
  8. The Operator is entitled to take all the appropriate measures to verify the validity of the personal data provided by the user.
  9. The identity verification mentioned in the previous section can occur via sending the scan of the identification document held by the user as well as via any other legally permissible procedures specified by the Operator. Any alteration of said procedures does not constitute the alteration of the wording of the terms of use.
  10. The Operator processes the personal data (that is: email address, full name, address, IP login address) to ensure the proper provision of the offered services, compliance with the terms of use as well a the s fulfillment of all the formal requirements stated in the relevant legal provisions on countering the money laundering and financing terrorism. The said data is protected and can be disclosed to third parties only upon receiving the valid order from the relevant law enforcement agencies.
  11. The Operator enables the payment and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies by the users.
  12. The Operator can specify the relevant procedures verifying the payment and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, in particular in terms of the validity and the compliance of personal data of the interested parties with the data provided by the account’s user. Each user shall be notified about any alteration of the said procedures via email. Any alteration of said procedures does not constitute the al of the wording of the terms of use.
  13. In case of receiving any payment incompatible with the said procedures the Operator is entitled to refuse to recognize the existence of the account involved and/or make a return transfer.
  14. The Operator can limit or block the withdrawal of assets from the user’s account upon failed verification of the user’s personal data as well us upon any suspicion of the falsification of said data.
  15. The Operator shall safeguard to the best of their ability all the cryptocurrencies stored at users’ accounts against any unauthorized access by third parties or loss thereof.
  16. The Operator shall not be liable for any loss of the customer’s cryptocurrencies in case of the occurrence of any circumstances independent of the Operator, including but not limited to:
    • force majeure
    • hardware malfunction
    • bugs within cryptocurrency system
    • actions or omissions of third parties having any influence on the functioning of the system
  17. The user shall safeguard the access to their password, mailbox and other means of communication employed for the purpose of receiving all the relevant correspondence regarding the functioning of his account and The Kanga Exchange as a whole. The Operator shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the negligence of said obligation by the user.
  18. The user shall use all theplatform in good faith. Upon the discovery of any software bug the user shall immediately notify the Operator about the said fact and refrain from any exploitation thereof to the detriment of either the Operator or other users.
  19. The user shall not use their account for any commercial purpose, unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Operator, subject to section 20 of this document.
  20. The user shall not use the platform engine (software) for any commercial purpose such as an identical or similar platform, currency exchange, or cryptocurrency exchange, without knowledge and explicit written consent of the Operator. Should the Operator consent to the use of the platform engine for commercial purposes, the user shall:
    1. agree with the Operator on the form of the Graphical User Interface,
    2. obligate their respective users to comply with the provisions of this document. The user is liable to Operator for their users’ actions or omissions, as well as for their own actions or omissions,
    3. release the Operator from any liability for the operation or non-operation of the platform and from any liability towards their users, as well as commit that their users shall not require the Operator to redress any damage except where prescribed by applicable law.
  21. The Operator charges each user for the provision of all services available on the platform in accordance with the current price list. The Operator shall notify the user about any change of the said price list via email. The alteration of the price list does not constitute the alteration of the wording of the terms of use.
  22. The Operator shall make the platform available for use at all times to the best of their ability.
  23. The Operator is entitled to suspend the functioning of the platform in case of the necessity to make the relevant software update or the occurrence of circumstances rendering the proper functioning of the platform impossible. The Operator shall ensure the shortest possible duration of said suspension to the best of their ability.
  24. The user is liable for any damage resulting from deliberate action performed to the detriment of the Operator or other users or any violation of the applicable law. The user exempts the Operator from any liability for redressing the said damage and shall cover any costs connected therewith.
  25. All the data stored at the platform as well as the contents, graphic design logo, signs and trademarks thereof are the exclusive property of the Operator and, therefore, are subject to legal protection as specified within the relevant provisions of the applicable law.
  26. The Operator uses the “cookie files” also known as the “cookies” to identify all the already logged in users as well as for statistical purposes.
  27. Both the Operator and the users are entitled to terminate the terms of use with fourteen day notice period. The said termination may occur only after the successful verification of the user’s personal data beforehand. The user cannot exercise the said right or demand any refund in case of the violation or section 14 or 28.
  28. The Operator is entitled to immediately block, either fully or partially, any user’s account in case of any documented violation of the regulations specified herein. The Operator is not liable for any increase or decrease in value of the cryptocurrencies stored at such an account. The blocked account cannot be used for making any transactions or the withdrawal of assets.
  29. Any future alterations of the terms of use require the subsequent approval of the user. In case of lack thereof, the Operator is entitled to cancel all of the hitherto made offers and return all of the cryptocurrencies stored at the user’s account unless the account has been blocked due to any documented violation of the regulations specified herein.
  30. Any legal dispute in connection with the use of the platform shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable provisions of the law of the Republic of Seychelles.